Ida Hørlyck & Kat Staub
Premiere /// 4. april 2022
Choreographers Ida Hørlyck & Kat Staub are inviting you to a raw yet magical evening at Bådteatret with showings of the work-in-progress performances ‘age of aquarius’ and ‘Hermes’. The showings start at 7pm and will take an hour with a short break in between. Our cute bar will open in the foyer at 18.15.

We are pleased to welcome you!

age of aquarius

age of aquarius is a somatic and performative research by Ida Hørlyck and has been a laboratory for a posthuman, femme and mythological performance in process to unfold.
With uncanny and subversive potentials, the process stems from a current clash between technology and spirituality, machine vs. organism.
age of aquarius examines the zeitgeist’s feminine qualities and holistic tendencies, and observes the cave-man fresco in motion, but drenched in hyper filters, tiktok folklore and cheap neon-colored stickers.

Performers: Hanna Röckner, Janan Laubscher & Emma Hedemann



Hermes is a drag persona consisting of more than one character of various gender-expansive expressions, created and performed by Kat Staub. Hermes can be seen as an invitation to speculate upon magical toolbuilding of queer resistance through honoring lost voices.

Join Hermes at this night for some slutty mourning and soft revolting in their own little homemade variety.



Sound & Light: Makia Ahmed
Warmest thanks to:
Makia Ahmed,our bar-team, Hanna Röckner, Janan Laubscher, Emma Hedemann, Tora Balslev, Helga Rosenfeldt-Olsen, Bådteatret, TeaterHuset & Filuren, musiker Lukas Loeb.

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Bipoc, queer, trans, disabled, immigrant, unemployed: 25 kr
Other: 50 kr
Donate extra to the event: 90 kr

OBS: The space is a boat with small stairs. If you have questions about accessibility and how we could assist you in that, you are welcome to get in touch at

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